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up Parent Directory 02-Aug-2020 06:03 - directory targetcomp 22-Mar-2008 06:13 - [IMG] 100Rats.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:21 56k [IMG] 10m_std_target.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:23 196k [IMG] 12_dots_with_strikethroughs.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:23 40k [IMG] 20_dots_with_strikethroughs.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:23 44k [IMG] 20m_std_target.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:24 192k unknown 25ftairpistol.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:25 100k unknown 25ftairrifle.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:26 160k [IMG] 25ftcol.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:26 52k unknown 25metersilhouette.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:26 20k [IMG] 2MOA.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:27 76k [IMG] 30m_std_target.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:28 196k unknown 3cans.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:28 76k [IMG] 4 blue_red_black.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:29 76k unknown 40_small_white_dots.doc 06-Dec-2007 13:29 28k unknown 4inch diamond on grid.doc 06-Dec-2007 13:29 20k unknown 4yellow_w_blue_dots.doc 06-Dec-2007 13:29 24k unknown 5 diamonds on grid.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:29 20k [IMG] 5circle.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:30 84k unknown 5white_with_red_dots.doc 06-Dec-2007 13:30 28k unknown 600 yard zero target.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:30 12k [IMG] AmmoTarget2.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:33 56k unknown BlackDeathMax-ItPractice24.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:36 84k unknown BlackDeathMax-ItPractice48.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:37 88k unknown BlackDeath_Ace.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:35 68k unknown BlackDeath_Challenge.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:36 72k unknown Marksman.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:44 12k unknown MilDotConfidence.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:44 16k unknown Novice.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:44 8k unknown OpticsTest.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:44 20k [IMG] airgungolf.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:32 256k unknown airgungolf2.JPG 06-Dec-2007 13:33 172k [IMG] ap-final.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:33 8k [IMG] ar-final.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:33 8k [IMG] armadillo.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:34 40k [IMG] badguysilhouette.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:34 12k [IMG] blackbird.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:34 52k [IMG] blackbird1.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:34 48k [IMG] blackbird2.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:35 64k [IMG] bluejay.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:37 44k [IMG] boar5.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:38 56k [IMG] buck.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:38 12k [IMG] chicken silhouette.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:38 8k [IMG] clintonsaurous.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:38 28k [IMG] computer.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:38 64k [IMG] correction.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:39 132k [IMG] crosbull.gif 06-Dec-2007 13:39 12k [IMG] crossbull.gif 06-Dec-2007 13:40 28k [IMG] crow.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:40 20k [IMG] crowbull.gif 06-Dec-2007 13:40 32k [IMG] dartboard.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:40 52k [IMG] deerxing.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:40 28k unknown distance1.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:41 16k unknown distance2.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:41 16k unknown distance3.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:41 12k unknown distance4 using 8x scope.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:41 20k [IMG] dove5.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:41 44k [IMG] fish_barrel.gif 06-Dec-2007 13:41 24k [IMG] frog.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:42 24k [IMG] fullsizesinglebullseye.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:42 56k [IMG] fuzzyspot.bmp 06-Dec-2007 13:42 12k [IMG] goose.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:42 44k [IMG] grid.bmp 06-Dec-2007 13:42 16k [IMG] grndhog.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:43 32k [IMG] headshots.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:43 72k unknown hog silhouette.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:43 8k [IMG] koala_butt.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:44 112k [IMG] mouse.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:44 20k [IMG] osama.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:44 8k [IMG] owl.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:45 56k [IMG] pidgeon.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:45 36k unknown prarie dogs with dots.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:45 40k [IMG] rabbit25.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:46 56k unknown ram silhouette.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:46 8k [IMG] rat.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:46 32k [IMG] rat2.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:46 32k [IMG] rat25.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:46 36k unknown single white_red_grey on grid.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:47 8k [IMG] singlesquare.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:47 20k [IMG] skunk.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:47 44k [IMG] smiley.gif 06-Dec-2007 13:47 32k [IMG] sparrow.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:47 28k [IMG] squareslines1.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:48 76k [IMG] squareslines2.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:48 96k [IMG] squirrel.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:49 28k unknown squirrel_picture.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:49 32k [IMG] squirrelbull.gif 06-Dec-2007 13:49 36k [IMG] star.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:50 92k [IMG] starling.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:50 64k [IMG] target_analysis.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:51 80k unknown targetstand.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:59 1172k [IMG] triangle.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:59 44k unknown turkey silhouette.pdf 06-Dec-2007 13:59 8k [IMG] turkey.jpg 06-Dec-2007 13:59 36k [IMG] zerotarget.gif 06-Dec-2007 13:59 16k

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