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The Calculator Page

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Energy Calculator

Weight (grains)
Velocity (fps)
Energy (ft lbs)


Feet Per Second Meters Per Second
Meters Per Second Feet Per Second
Yards Meters
Meters Yards
Grains Grams
Grams Grains
FPE Joules
Joules FPE

Co2 Temperature-Pressure Calculator

Fahrenheit Temperature (degrees):

Temp Celcius (degrees):
Temp Kelvin (degrees):
CO2 Vapor Pressure (mmHg):
CO2 Vapor Pressure (PSI):

Clicks to Point of Impact Calculator

To convert the number of clicks on a change of a scope setting to the actual POI change at a specified distance

Clicks per Minute of Angle at 100
yards ('4' is the most common)

Distance in yards
Number of Clicks Change
Change of POI in Inches


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